Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Message To The Angry Black People

Dear angry black person. I find it that its people like you that keep our race from moving forward. Black people still complain about slavery and want to be treated special but want to also be treated equal. Certain people complain all the time on how we as black people are perceived in the media and I for one don’t understand how. Black people never know how stupid they look doing something until a white person do it to make fun of them. For example, we get mad when we see a commercial of a white person wearing big dumb ass baggy clothes with du rags on (with the flap out word to @Dormtainment), big dumb ass chains and platinum teeth. If we don’t like the way the media portray us then maybe we should stop acting like that. Just a thought. Stop saying ignorant shit like “it’s a part of our culture.” Why that got to be a part of our culture?

Black women, if you hate that the media portray you as loud, angry, bitter and money hungry then maybe most of you should stop being loud, angry, bitter, and money hungry. We have to stop thinking the media sets the tone for how we act and maybe they are just showing us what they see. Black women always feel objectified by the videos with the half-naked women in them. I think because they think black rap artists are the only one who has sexy women in their videos. Country artists do it as well. They have like 100 blond women in bikinis jumping in pools and showing boobs.
How did we get mad at John Singleton for Boys in The Hood and Menace to Society? Its black people who really live like that and that movie connected with them and told their story. If something doesn’t connect to you it doesn’t mean it’s wrong or objectifying us as a whole. We have to do better as a whole and stop playing victim. We still are asking for 40 acres and a mule. The fuck would most of you do with a mule let alone 40 acres? Nothing at all. Stop feeling like the world owes us something because they not giving us shit if you haven’t noticed. But if some of you want to continue to play victim and seem weak amongst the other races then that’s fine, just do that crying and shit on your own time. Thanks.


Tori D. February 9, 2011 at 7:10 AM  

While I understand the point of this post, I think the issue that's lost is that Black people, just like other peoples, are NOT a monolith. YES, I'm upset that the media seems to only portray black women as loud, angry & bitter because I am neither of these. Yet, because that is basically the only image of black women that is put out there, that is how many others perceive me without even getting to know me.

The "angry black person" is only responsible for holding him or herself back. Do you see the redneck, NASCAR-loving inbreeding white folks holding back other whites? No, because people realize that just because they share the same race it doesn't mean they share the same mind. Blacks should be afforded that same luxury.

Anonymous February 9, 2011 at 7:41 PM  

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