Wednesday, March 2, 2011


I don’t like how black men put so much pressure on black women nor do I like all the expectations black women have for black men. Nothing is keeping relationships from working other than both black men and women knowing what it is to be committed. Knowing what it is to actually love themselves as well as someone else unconditionally. The Game came on last night and Melanie wanted to spice up the marriage by having a threesome. After the show went off you could tell that some women felt some kind of way about that. Ladies you not knowing how to keep or not being able to keep a man around has absolutely nothing to with threesomes. Most men fantasize about a threesome but men know the difference between fantasy and real life. Trust, no man would leave a good woman because she don’t want to have a threesome.
First, the shit was just a t.v. show. Stop reading into it too much. Women like finding anything to fill in gaps with their love life or the lack thereof. A woman with an idle mind and a lot of questions will probably be the reason the world ends. True indeed what you don’t do or not willing to do another woman will but that’s refers to head, anal, sex in public places, etc.
Both sexes tend to hold the other to high ass expectations. We expect more from our lover then we expect from ourselves which is not fair. We both have this made up person in our head that is in fact perfect and compare people we date to this person. A perfect person does not exist and if they did what makes you think they would want your ass? With doing this we fuck up a lot of good things by always thinking that something better is out there. We might take these movie and t.v. relationships a little too serious. Nothing stays perfect forever; you will have problems out of any and everything. You just have to learn how to fix problems. Once we both get it in our head that nothing is perfect and you might actually have to fight for love and to keep a relationship healthy it will always fail. -Dizzy


Unknown March 2, 2011 at 12:51 PM  

I say this all the time and I agree. Black professional men and women have a sense of entitlement. They feel they are too good for most cause they think they are better than most. It's getting us nowhere.

Rocsanne Chante March 2, 2011 at 5:23 PM  

The other day I wrote a letter and it went something like this…… “Dear Strong Black Man, Not only do you exist, you flourish. Your ability to grow and achieve inspite of your conditions is your best attribute. Yes, I want the best and greatest from you, because I know that within you, it exists. So Strong Black Man please be the man I know you can be; so I can tell my mother about you, and watch you as you rest in my bed telling me stories with no endings.” With that said “Mr. edot dizzy sir” yes there are times where I honestly feel that sometimes we as woman need to really reconsider or expectations, for some reason we think that because we know and understand as much as we do, so do men, but that is not the case we honestly need to understand that the male brain and the women brain operate differently, but is it expecting too much from someone when you know they are fully capable of doing it? But because of laziness and other influences they don’t?

Erin Ashley March 5, 2011 at 3:29 PM  

"Most men fantasize about a threesome but men know the difference between fantasy and real life. Trust, no man would leave a good woman because she don’t want to have a threesome."

that's a deep line. man, who knew you were this intune.

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