Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Women are crazy. Yeah. I said it.

To every female who think a man is just supposed to know how to please you and how to make you happy… Die. That’s just dumb to me. I have realized that women really do expect men to read minds and just know everything. How are we supposed to just know these things? How to please you in bed, how you feel, what you want to eat, if you really meant not to get you anything for your birthday, etc. That’s just funny. I’m really convinced that some of you are crazy! I don’t even know where to go with this post. I just think it’s crazy.

Men we are just fucked. We can’t say we don’t like anything. We have to like everything because if we don’t its trouble. Disagree? Tell a woman you have been dealing with for more than a couple months or so that you want her to suck your dick differently. She will first take it personally. Then she will wonder why you all of a sudden want it better so now you cheating. It will fuck with her confidence because all women think they’re perfect right out the box. <-- That is true; no woman will admit it though. Tell a woman you don’t like something she cooked. That’s beef! “Oh, so you don’t like my cooking now???” It could be that she added too much of something or didn’t add enough of something. She will take it to the extreme and probably won’t cook for you for a couple weeks. I know because I’ve had it happen to me, TWICE!
So women want men to read minds and men can’t tell the truth about anything pertaining to a woman and her performances. It’s kind of funny because we always wonder why shit don’t work out when we date but have yet to realize that the problem is right in our face. YOU! -Dizzy


Rae Renee March 2, 2011 at 1:13 PM  

I agree with this post in a lot of ways and I also think it applies to men as well. But I agree that some women are crazy and some men are crazy. Would it hurt my feelings to hear my man say "you don't please me in bed"? Hell yea! Do I want him to tell me that? Hell yea! I think it's how and when you go about things. Right after we have sex probably isn't the best moment to be like "yea, that shit was whack" but because I want my man to be happy and not have a reason to look outside of our relationship for what he needs then I definitely want to know what he likes. I think the "crazy" comes out when dudes aren't up front. You can't tell me how much you love my fried chicken on 3 different occasions and then when I make it for you a 4th time you're saying you never liked it. That's that bullshit. Personally, I'm very outspoken and up front because I hate to assume and I want to know if my relationship fails I did everything I could to make it work. I don't have time to play guessing games and I don't want to be in a relationship where my needs aren't being met. If either person has never heard their head game is lame or never been in a relationship that involved talking about feelings or whatever the critique is, there's going to be resistance initially. Hopefully, though, if both people are mature and together for the right reasons they will have a relationship that invites feedback, both good and bad.

Erin Ashley March 5, 2011 at 3:25 PM  

I get what you're saying, and yes I do agree, however this goes for men too. Men want us to know when they don't feel like being bothered, what they want for dinner, and blah blah blah blah. If people learned to open their mouths and communicate a little better, we would not have all these dumb issues--making relationships more complex than need be.

Peaches March 20, 2011 at 2:46 PM  

Women are naturally sensitive and more sensitive than most men. I dont see a problem with expressing how one feels but there are ways that can cause the situation to be more difficult. I think its important to have open communication in all areas thats how people actually STAY together. Realistically no1 is going to like EVERYTHING their other half does or says but in order to maintain a healthy enviroment communication has to happen. My boyfriend has said things I didnt really care to hear out his mouth but I became aware of something I was doing without realizing I was doing it and because he said something I was able to see it was an issue. I doin't think any sex is more crazy than the other I think women and men just have different ways of showing it. In a nutshell if 2 people can't be open and receptive of how the other person feels/thinks/acts welp they may need to find someone who is , causes less arguments and such .

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