Monday, January 24, 2011

Beautiful black woman... Grow some balls

African American women have to grow some balls. They seem to only speak exactly how they feel once everything is over. They allow themselves to be second or third to a man. They allow themselves to be just the fuck buddy or just the home girl, never demanding anything more. Step back ladies and ask yourself, what the fuck am I doing here. Look at the guy you dealing with and ask “what the fuck are we doing here?” A lot of women are scared to ask this question because they don’t want to scare the guy off but fuck that. It is better he leave now because he scared then to drag it out any further. Once you are an adult you have to handle every situation like an adult including relationships.

I want women to stop thinking that God will bring them a good man just cause. I know women that are 50+ and have no one. How do you explain that theory to them? God plays favoritism? You simply can’t play hard to get, have a list of preposterous requirements, listen to your single girl friends telling you “girl fuck men, we got each other”, and then say God is going to bring you someone at the end of the day. I don’t think it works like that.

Some African American women believe that a guy has to be perfect for them right off the back. He shouldn't need any molding, training, guidance, or anything and if he does then they ready to be on to the next. Well got damn, really? Let me ask you something, how long have these methods worked? Can’t be 21+ still believing the same shit you believed at 15 or 16. Something has to change. The common denominator in every failed relationship you have been in is, you.

I think a lot of women want the love they see in the movies but that shit is fake and written by someone. I think a lot of women look at movies and believe it is suppose to happen exactly like that or it’s not real. Sometimes it takes sacrifice and change and unless you are willing to change and make sacrifices then you are playing to lose. Stop allowing men to do whatever whenever. Make these cowards man the fuck up. If you don’t then you can’t cry when they don’t.

Women and Love

I know a lot of women and all of them have the same problem, MEN. Women love ass holes and hoes. Well most of them anyway. Women seem to be so intrigued by guys who don't give a shit about them and even more intrigued by guys who fuck a lot of women.

Women often want to see what the big fuss is all about with a hoe so they have lunch with the guy or even fuck the him. Other women want to change the guy into a house wife from a hoe. It's like a challenge. "Girl my pussy so good he will stop having sex with them other bitches and fuck with me only!" I know females who haven't actually said that line out loud but have thought it. Well then they can't turn the guy into a housewife and get heart broken and say all men ain't shit. Be mad for a couple weeks, claim they bout to start "doing them", meet another hoe and do it all over again.

Women don't date new guys. They date the same exact men with different faces. Women are so smart when it comes to other things like school, and their career but are the dumbest creatures when it comes to protecting their hearts and falling in love. Every woman has a sweet guy in their phone that wants to take them out and treat them nice but they will never notice him because their too busy chasing someone who doesn't want them. The classic game of cat and mouse that can't seem to be put to rest.

I don't like that nice guys actually finish last Aka lose but they do. I don't know how to change this or if it will ever change. Ladies just be sure your not looking for a challenge when looking for love cause like challenges, you can't win them all. You fall victim in believing that love happens like it does in the movies. Well it don't and you will become bitter towards love from thinking that.

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