Thursday, January 29, 2009

When shit hit the fan....

She been talking to him for a good year but he hasn't been talking to her for that long, no where near that long. In fact I'm sure if you asked him (Steve) when they first met he a draw a blank. But she (Jaz) knows everything. First kiss, first time they had sex and the first time SHE made love because to him, they was just fucking. The same way he fucked the other "hers". He made her feel as if she was the only one that matters.. In the back of her mind, she knew he was fucking with other females but she didn't care. How could she care is what she asked herself. "We aint together, he aint my man, I can't complain", she says that to herself every night to make her sleep better..

She (Tisha) hates his guts. She been knowing him since she was in 9th grade, been in love with him since junior year and still is. Only reason she hates him is because she will do anything for him (Steve) and he knows it. She bends over backwards for him only to get nothing in return. Three abortions, and she only got them cause he somehow convinced her "its not the right time"... She still cries about it nightly. They still somewhat together.. Well.. Depends on who u ask... NIGGAS!!

Steve on some creep shit.. As usual. He fucking bout 10 different women.. No remorse for any of em. If he wasn't treating all 10 like they was his main girl, I would feel a little better about the situation but.. He "loves" all of them. He wishes he could be with all of them but he "out handling business", same line he tell nine other women nightly while he sleep with which ever one that aint getting on his nerves at the time. Ol reckless ass, dumb ass, trifling ass nigga. He occasionally fucks with out protection with 10 different women. Whispering bull shit in they ear and what they do, believe that shit. They all want to be the one that "changes Steve".. My cousin, a close cousin is one of the 10. Who the fuck am I to try and convince her that he aint shit? Who am I to tell her that all niggas be on some dumb, fuck shit and depend on who u ask and when you ask them, I might be one too.

I get a phone call, "I need u to take care of something for me. ASAP! This nigga gave me an STD!!! Don't worry I'm fine. I got a shot and some pills. Ill be fine in less then a week but I need you to take care of him.." I couldn't even speak, she knew it.. That's why she didn't wait for me to respond. My lil cousin only 19!! What if it was aids? What if she won't be able to have kids cause of this nigga? I'm pissed, I sent out mass text to 20 of my folks.. 15 showed up at the spot in less then 30 mins dressed in black on some funeral type shit. haha. We fly over to his spot blowing trees and weaving through traffic.. Pull up to his lil janky ass spot he call a home. He was walking to his car... We hoped out 3 cars deep.. Caught his goofy ass slippin. Someone was listening to Gucci Mane, the nigga got his ass stomped to "Bricks" and half of "Rich Nigga Shit"!!! We beat his motha fucking ass to the UMP degree! We didn't rob em.. Naw, just beat his ass. Only 6 of us really did something. Wasn't any room for 15 niggas to just smash on em. We whipped his ass and dipped to ihop and laughed about it.. Left his clown ass in the middle of the street.. I felt bad for him at ihop though. One of my niggas like 230, 6'5! Kicked em in his stomach right before we smashed out. Well I take that back, fuck that clown. That was the high light of the night!

But fa real, how many females you know like this? Slap they ass and tell em come back to reality.. This shit is real. Folks falling in love with the thought of being in love with someone who don't love them or care for them. Its all fun and games till 9 of them women realize they all the chick on the side when visiting his stupid ass in the hospital. Fellas, lets grow up and man up to our selfish ways. Lets stop playing and get on our shit. To you triflin ass dudes, "YOU BETTA BE ON YO BEST MOTHA FUCKIN BEHAVOIR!!!!!! -DizZy


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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Wrong fuking number!!!!

Who the fuck is this calling me at 5:43 a.m.!! I was drooling and everything. PERFECT FUKIN SLEEP!! No name in my phone so its prolly some ol skeezer I deleted out of my phone on some "u sleep?" type shit. Half sleep, I reached for my sidekick and before I could say hello, all I hear is crying on the other end. Like balling... I WAS mad but me asking who the fuck is this would prolly send me to hell instantly.. That a be too mean even for me to do so I just said "hello", shit, what else im pose to do?

"This is Vanessa I know this is kinda rude. I know its hella late but... I have a situation and I don't know what to do! I'm pregnant and I don't know if I should keep it or tell my boy friends its his and just keep it a secret. I cheated on him about 6 weeks ago when he was out of town. I was lonely, had a few drinks and it just happened. I regret it everyday but I did."

Fyi, I don't know any chick named Vanessa. I had a friend named Vanessa in like 4th grade but.. Um, yeaah. And she keeps calling me Jay.. Back to the story...

"On top of that, my mom is fucking dying from cancer and my little sister is a hot ass and with all that going on.. No one is concerned about meee! I wonder if I died right now, who would give a fuck! Hold on I gotta blow my nose..."

While she blowing her nose, I'm done sleeping. I'm wide the fuck awake by now. I'm literally on the edge of my bed. And the whole time she sobbing, gasping for air and shit.. I really feel awkward cause she thinks I'm "Jay" and I'm clearly not. I guess I sound like Jay cause when she said Jay you there, I replied back yeah. I mean WTF was I suppose to do? She already told me soo much.. What more can she possibly tell me?

"I'm really sorry to be calling so late Jay but you always seem to know what to say... Jay, I really can't continue living like this. I mean, I don't have to live perfect just better then this. I'm 22 fucking years old with no job and I stay with my home girl Trish.. I'm 6 weeks late and I keep getting sick to my stomach. Throwing up every morning, ugh, IM SICK OF THIS SHIT!! I slit my wrist 2 weeks ago, I was high off some shit. The paramedics saved me from my own pool of blood. All my "family" came to the hospital to see me and shit but 2 weeks been passed and aint nobody called to speak or anything, how the fuck this come out of the prom queen? How the fuck did I end up here is a question I find my self asking waaay to often. You shy now Jay? Why you aint talking? I know I sound crazy but I had to get this off my chest."

Maan, now I feel bad. I know all this womans business and I don't even know who she is. FUCK! Um...

"I don't really know how to put this but my name is DizZ. Please don't spaz, get all mad and start blaming me. You crying, me half sleep... It caught off guard.. I'm sorry.. It got me all teary eyed, I wish I could be there to hold you.. Wait, don't speak. You dialed the wrong number, obviously but I ain't on some immature shit I promise that.. But fuck everybody, u only need you, cause you won't lie, deceive, or mislead yaself. Ya boyfriend must be whack cause he aint there for you right now like he should be. I don't know what you gone do about the baby but..."

"Well damn Dizz!! I'm saying, its fucking hard out here! Even worse this fucking baby. I'm sorry but this shit is driving me fucking crazy, I'm all emo right now! EVERY body looks down on me cause my old mistakes. I'm a better person I swear, I changed Dizz, I SWEAR! And I don't know if I'm happy or sad its you I'm connecting with but this shit is crazy.. I wish we could kick it and finish this. My address is 1243 North WalkWitMe Dr. if you care.. Have you ever felt like you have no one to talk to, like your all alone? Billions of people on this globe and you feel like you all alone? So called friends and you feel, ALL FUCKING ALONE!! Been feeling like this for some time... I called your the wrong number on purpose.. I had no one else to talk to... Might as well just talk to a straner, someone I know won't judge me.. You just so happened to be the first number I dialed.. See you if you later if you decide to come.. Thanks, I needed to vent. Bye?"

Um.. Yeah.. I'm just as lost as yall.. I don't know what to do or what to say to that. I kinda feel obligated to go and talk to her now....... The fucking wrong number....

P.S. Don't ask what happens.. Just think about what she said towards the end..

Monday, January 26, 2009

Fukin Waffles!!!

Me and my broz come to this waffle house off Howell Mill all the time and order the same shit. All Star with orange juice extra cheese eggs. We always get the ugly ass dude with the dusty ass black FILAs on as our waiter or the country ass chick with the different color weave and kangaroo patch on her stomach.. I guess losing weight wasn't one of her new years resolution, even if it was she probably stopped shooting for it jan 7th. ITS JUNE!! One time we was up there on some tired of being in the studio type shit and was just grubbing and as we was leaving a light skin chick was coming in. I knew she wasnt from ATL cause she had some crazy ass accent when she said thanks for holding the door open. Of course we all stared at her and didnt say shit. She had a shit load of tats. Three stars on her kneck, some flowers and what not on her arm. Some shit on her wrists.. I was in love... But fuck it, I won't see her again...

One of the "hers" insisted we go to waffle house. She had the taste for some bacon and a waffle. I was down, hell, im ALWAYS down for free food! Me and "her" aint talking like that, though she always forget and ask me who i'm texting on my sidekick or hit me with the infamous lines when she call and I finally decide to answer "where you at, who you with..." So we pull up, get out, walk in, sit down, and pick up the slightly sticky menu. Just like all the other times, nothing different untill the NEW waitress walks up...

"Hey, my name is Tiffany, I'll be ya waitress this evening. Can I get your drinks?" I look up and behold the sexy ass tatted chick me and the broz seen a couple weeks ago. Maaan was she fine!! She was killlling "her". It wasnt even a fair fight for my attention. Ali versus Paris Hilton, and the winner is!!! "DizZy be cool" is what my concious kept telling me. So im a chill shawty.. Thats the best advice that I can take!! HAHA! So I say cool then a bitch, "Yeah, lemme get a Orange juice please", you know I had to keep it cool. She took our order just like she was supposed to and that was that. No harm in that.. Right? Yeah thats what i thought. So "she" is talking and its about nothing of course. About how her home girl did this, how school getting on her nerves, how she just bought some article of clothing out of Urban Outfitters.. Yeah. So I'm thinking that Tiffany aint paying me no mind till I catch her looking at me from the register.. I brush it off, she was just looking to see if we needed anything. That didn't mean nothing, I'm sure of it.

"Here you go", she sat the plates down and stood back up right and asked were we good. We both replied yea but i was lying. Um, SEX PLEASE. Extra everything but hold the commitment. HAHA!!!! I wish I had said that, but, I didn't. So She leave and we eat. I'm smashing, shit so good. I look up to get some more OJ and guess who staring me down but chill with it.. She starts smiling and come get the cup so she can fill me. I was trying to keep cool, I'm bad. If provoked, i'd take her down in the bathroom, NO PROB!! She was just too fine to care about anything. And she knew it!! She walking slow as hell, at this point I realized that I made her walk in slow motion just like in the movies. Hair blowing, she got a damn glow and everything. I wonder what the hell "she" was doing through all this. She got knocked out first round by Ali. I havent been paying attention to her the whole time. TIffany finally gets to me and says "Orange Juice.. Right?" She knew what I was drinking so I reply back smooooth den a bitch "Yeazir". She grabbed the cup out my hand and her hand touched mine. I swear on errrr thang it felt like a fuckin ZOOM ZOOM commercial where they touch the car and vision themself driving it.. Yup.. FUCK!!!

Bathroom up against the stall.. Pulling her hair as she grabs my shirt to pull me closer. Kissing her neck and rubbing where ever my little ol hands end up. There was NO TALKING, just all action. She slid one leg out of her black kahkis and pink laced panties.. I pulled down the levii pants and boxers... Grabbed the gold card out the wallet and went scooba diving. She standing over the sink eyes closed as I grab her hair, stroke and kiss her neck. Kissing all on her stars, lifting her shirt to see the rose that takes up her whole left side.. Damn I know this is wrong but it "feeeel sooo goood" with my tpain voice! I started going hard.. She started biting her lip hard as hell and breathing like she was in desprate need of oxygen!! I just wanted to get a few more strokes in but she gasped and started twitching a little too much for me to keep my composer.. She came first I came last... She pulling her pants up giggling, im admiring her body still.. Damn!! She looked at me wink and walked out. I pulled my pants up, looked in the mirror and shook my head.. I GOTTA STOP DOING THIS!!! ZOOM ZOOM MOTHA FUCKA!!!

"Orange Juice, right?" I reply back smoooth then a bitch like "Yeazir". Man I had to have blacked out for what seem like 15 minutes but it was only about 5 seconds. "She" was eating and still talking as I subconciously was replying back with, "Yeah, yup, i fucks with that", typical guy shit. O well...

We eat, talk a lil more and get up to leave. I'm still floating from the damn day dream I had. I go to the register to pay. "She" walks out to the door, Tiffany looks at me and smile. "Don't be staring at me while you and ya girl friend have lunch. Thats not cool boy." I don't know why I like when girls call me boy, shit so sexy. But I had to correct her, "Chilll, that aint my girl friend. We just friends." She frowned and scribbled on my receipt.. "Call me then, I get off at 9. Dizzy right?" "Riiiiiight, im a call you at 9:01!!!!" I don't know if she was as into me as much as I was into her buuuut.. GOT HER, SWEEEET!!!!

p.s. My imagination is fucking ridiculous. I can't help it. She was too fine. I don't normally lose it like that but that day something came over me. I have a strong liking for women into fashion and like ink... Damn!!

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