Friday, February 11, 2011

Sometimes Love Ain't Enough.

Love isn’t enough to keep a person around. This is a PSA for the world. Just because you love me unconditionally does NOT mean that I should stick around and deal with.. Well.. You. If I have to TRY and make something work then I might wake up and forget to try and we fail. My ideals towards relationships are twisted, yes I know. If you know you got a few pounds on you that you can get off, then get it off. If you refuse to then don’t get mad when I look at the slim thang with the booty sticking out when she walk by. Love does not make you look better and love does not make me ignore the petty attitude you tend to have. This kind of attitude might be why I haven’t been in a relationship in 4 years but oh well. I like things that look nice, people included. If you don’t like working out to get YOU to look better and be healthy then why would I believe you will put in extra work into making me happy from time to time? I mean, I’m willing to do it and stay eye candy for you throughout the relationship.
Some people have to stop thinking that just because you work hard and have certain things people are supposed to want to be with you. I hear females complain all the time “I got my own house, car, job and I’m about my business. Why can’t these men act right?” Nowhere in that did you say “I’m a great lover and a great friend.” A lot of women of my generation accomplish so much but forget how to be a woman with a man. It’s great that you are powerful alone but how useful are you on a team, on my team? So worried about everything except how to make us work but complain so much that we don’t work. It’s not all women; it’s some good ones out there. I’ve ran across a few. Hello to y’all. Before you decide to go gay because men aren’t acting right, turn around and look at yourself. Figure out if you are doing everything you can to be the best woman for a man. Meaning, be his lover, his friend, and his rock. Don’t be just someone he can have great sex with. Be a best friend. Know your man. KNOW HIM inside and out. I know this post is all over the place but it’s a much needed post. Stop thinking being about business and your looks is the end all be all. Know how to be a woman with a man before you say there aren’t any real men out there. Peace.

Social Net-working?

I honestly think I’m burned out by social networks. For something that keeps the world connected I honestly feel like it is separating us and making most of us forget how to be personable with one another. Our generation has this weird obsession to voice everything we feel via blog and status updates. Like you are that important that you have to tell the world “I’m in a shitty mood right now!” Who in the fuck cares? Are you really that lonely that you couldn’t keep that to yourself? I feel as if most people just want to be heard or seen. Spent their whole life wanting to be heard and now they can finally talk and someone can see it.

I also don’t like how people rely on the internet to keep up communication. People spend over $300 for a phone but only use it as a social network checker, texting device and a GPS. Try calling somebody in your phone and I bet 7 times out of 10 they will ignore the call and text you. No one likes talking on the phone anymore BUT they will call your ass on skype in a heartbeat. People don’t even know how to flirt or start conversations anymore because of this. If someone likes you, they won’t tell you when they see you but they will poke the fuck out of you on facebook and confess their love via twitter DM or facebook.

Are social networks really working in reverse? Instead of keeping us connected I feel its breaking up real friendships and relationships and allowing us to hide behind profile pictures and 140 character text conversations. It has gotten to the point that it is not used for social networking because if someone sends you a link to anything you report them as spam. People build these fake personalities when they get behind a keyboard. They develop this internet confidence and get a high off how many RT’s they can get or how many likes they can get on a status and or picture. I know a lot of low confidence women who seem like divas on these social networks. I know lame ass guys who get on twitter, become an asshole and all of a sudden are cool. I don’t see it getting better, only worse. These are just my thoughts though. Peace.

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