Thursday, November 26, 2009

Crash site.. Ground zero

Have you ever rode past a crash site on the highway? You try to slow down just a little so you can see if anyone was killed or how bad the cars look. You know that someone is hurt but you don't know how hurt and hope they are alright. You cringe as you pass by it just hoping things are okay.

Meeting a woman who is still recovering from a broken heart feels the same way to me. I walk on egg shells around them because no matter what you say it might remind them of the crash. They often think back on the heartache and just seem so out of it. I have talked to a few females who were heartbroken and still dealing and its not easy hearing them talk about it. I mean, its just like a crash. You don't know what happen, you don't know who fault it is, all you know is that someone is still hurt from it. Specially if you are trying to get at them and didn't know about the crash, its all bad. They ask you about your ex's and you tell them. You ask them about their ex's and they spill their guts on how hurt they really are. No matter how hard they try to mask their emotions, they deal with them everyday. Just like a broken arm, burns, bruises a heart takes time to heal. A heart don't have bandages though, it don't have cream you can put on it and you can't pop any pills to make the pain go away.. The only that can heal it is time. I know a lot of people who have been heartbroken and they act and talk just like someone who was in a real crash. "It was just fine then all of a sudden, it was over" I know this is a unexpected comparison but it makes sense to me. Its just sad because the damage is done and someone is hurt. The crash plays over and over in their head and it sucks. I don't have a moral to this or anything. I was just talking to someone who heart was broken and this crossed my mind. So.. Yeah.. Peaceee! @EDotDizzy (hit me on dat twitter)

Friday, November 20, 2009

How do you let a man know he aint pleasing you? -J.Lavii

So my homie J Lavii asked me how do you tell a man that he isn't pleasing you. How do you tell him without hurting his feelings..

Well it might be more simple then you thought. A lot of people in general know how to please maybe two or three people. You develop a routine, even if you don't realize it. So it's not that he bad in bed, he just use to pleasing someone else and needs to break out of his routine. This is of course only matters if he has a "package." Meaning if he not pleasing you because his dick too small you might have a problem houston. If that isn't the case then you good money and the problem can be fixed.

I once dealt with a female who gave horrible head. Like she was doing it all wrong, too much teeth, not enough spit, grabbing it too hard, everything you can think of was wrong. I wanted to just stop dealing with her all together but I figured if I taught her how to do it properly it will stick with her forever. It took all of three times and a few pornos and we were rocking like cut off stockings. I just lied and said she was good but if she did it like this she would be that much better. I don't know how she took it but she listened and it was nice!

I had a girl friend that I will never forget. Right out of high school I dated a girl who was like 3 or 4 years older then me. I didn't know much about fucking and giving head, I mean I wasn't fucking like that in school. Well this was right when Trey Songz first cd just came out. One day I went down on her and came back up and she was like "What was that boy?" She told me that I was doing it all wrong and needed to learn quickly! I wasn't hurt, my ego wasn't crushed because deep down inside I knew I didn't have that much experience in it. So from "Just gotta make it" to the "Just gotta make it remix" which is the last song, my head was between her legs. She was a great coach. My facial hair was soaked, my wife beater smelled of her and my bed was soaking wet but I learned a lot. I don't fuck with her no more but I still have the skills.

So to you, the best way you can do it without him even noticing is to watch porn with him. All guys watch porn so if he hit you with that line "Naw, I don't watch that shit", he lying. Watch it and ask him, why don't you try that on me or why haven't we did that. Get him in the mode of learning new shit, and this is when you slip in how he can please you. Stroke his ego while teaching him some new tricks. Guys all think they are the best in the bedroom so try not to step on his pride while trying to catch a nut. Sex is easy, sticking the pee pee in the coo coo. Simple. But Good sex requires skill, practice and patience. You have to have all of that with him as you teach him your temple. How to please you. If you try that, if you try and teach him new tricks and he still don't get it right.. You might have to be like "nigga you aint fucking me right and you better get with it before I fuck your home boy who been low key trying to fuck since you introduced us!" Hahaha, that might work! Hope this helps though homie. Peaaaaaace!! Hit me on twitter, @EDotDizzy

Monday, November 16, 2009

Am I shallow DizZ? Dating people with kids..

Am I shallow for not wanting to date a guy with kids? -Ash.P

I know I'm a catch hell for writing this but, O well. No your not shallow at all. My mom was a single parent and her having a boyfriend always fucked with me. Mainly because they would break up and he would disappear and her mood would change. I got attached to one of her boyfriends. He was cool as shit but they didn't mesh to well. Probably cause he was a kid in a grown up body now that I think about it. I always promised myself that I would stray away from dating a woman with kids because of that.

So Ash.P told me her situation and I don't blame her for asking the question cause it is a good one. Can you really find happiness in someone who you have to share? Think about it.

You would get mad if you had to share me with another female. So why can't I feel the same about your kid? The kid will always come before me, the kid will always be there. Your schedule is based on the child and all of your decisions will be based on the child. Who am I to ask you to change that? I HAVE to share you! I have to share your time and your love. You can never give me 100% of you and if you ever gave me 100% of yourself to me I wouldn't like you anymore because your kid is more important.

I think the person with the kids don't understand the thought process of folks who don't want to be with them because of the kid. They might think you are shallow. They might tell you their kid wont matter. That might be true to them but it matters to you and will always matter to you. I have to like you, and the kid. I don't really like kids that much so I doubt I will like yours and then tolerate the stuff kids do. Its just messy and I don't want mess nor do I want you to lose respect for me because I feel this way. Its a hard thing to just come out and say. Yes we connect in every way and I like you but.. I can't be with you because of this. It's the hardest thing to say because you feel as if they will look at you different.

I just know how I get when I date and I'm too selfish to share you with someone who has no choice but to be there. I have friends with kids and they always have baby daddy drama. I honestly hate all drama and drama that might not ever go away is horrible. My mom told me not to have kids so I can have my freedom to move freely. I tried my hardest not to have a kid so dating someone with a kid seems to be ending up in the same place.

So, are you shallow for not wanting to date a guy with kids, no. Not to me you don't because I understand exactly why you don't want to. You love attention, you want that person to yourself, you don't want anyone else to intervene in your happiness. Will that person understand you, probably not. What do you do? I have the slightest idea. To tell or not to tell is the question. But I don't think your shallow.

Confessions of Stalker

I don't know you personally. I know that I am not your type so I don't even waste your time by introducing myself to you. You stay upstairs from me but it feels as if we are worlds apart. We live in a small town so I see you often. Rather it be at the library, wal-mart, the club, the lounge, any other place the stars align us to be at the same time. You have stayed upstairs from me for like a year or so, so I have seen the guys you brought in and out. I've heard the arguments you've had with them as well.

I've heard you laugh and I've heard you cry. I mean, I know you think that when you close your door and go to your room your alone but your not. These walls are thin. I've seen you come in wasted and screaming into your phone to ya home girls that you don't know how you made it home driving. I often wish that we bumped into one another at the mail box but even if we did, I would not know what to say. I get nervous around beautiful women even though you sometimes feel insecure about your looks. I don't think I'm a stalker. I mean, I don't want to harm you or nothing. I don't want to have sex with you. I do often find myself stare at you though. When I seen you at wal-mart getting fruit and whine I had to snap out of it. I was staring at you like you was a unicorn or something. You didn't notice me and I'm glad cause if you seen me, I'm sure you would have called the police! Your beautiful though, and you are alone. You don't have to be alone.. Nor do you have to feel like your alone cause I'm here.

Like I said, I don't know much about you but from what I've picked up... I like you. Your a special individual. Peace.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Fuck Thanksgiving but pass the stuffing.. and the weed

Okay so I'm blazing with my bro (kids just say no to drugs) and realize something.. America is kinda fucked up. I'm watching something on television about astronauts and space travel. The weed had me thinking, why in the hell are they looking for life on other planets? Why are they looking for alien life form on other planets? As those thoughts ran through my head I started thinking about the pilgrims and Indians. How the Indians came to America to discover it and took this shit over!

We celebrate Thanksgiving when a bunch of white men came over here, ate their food, said thanks for giving us your land and killed them off. Built McDonalds and Old Navys and called everyone else who came to this land for a better future immigrants.

So I'm thinking, are they trying to do the same thing with planets? To see if they can find life form on another planet so they can take that bitch over, stick an american flag up, kill the life form and call the day it took place Thanksgiving? Y'all better be cool. If you think we the only life form with weapons in this big ass galaxy, you a damn fool! I just want to know what they looking for and why they looking! This was one of those high thoughts. Don't mind me I'm buggin out hahaha. Follow me on twitter though @EDotDizzy

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Best spring break ever pt.1

Spring break in college this year will be boring seeing how I was too broke to go to Cancun with the cool folks. I could have went home for break but I decided to stay in my dorm and chill. All my roommates were gone, and I could finally relax and CLEAN!

Third day into the break and I've cleaned everything. Get on facebook and posted "Decided to stay in dorm for spring break. Cleaned up, about to cook and nap. Holla at me!" I Didn't know folks was still in the dorm so when I got a knock on the door, it caught me off guard. "Who is it?" Some light, raspy voice replied back and said "Me." I don't know who me is. I opened the door and to my surprise it was a girl I called "Pretty Eyes." I don't think I know her real name. I see her on campus all the time and we had English 102 together. Whenever I wasn't sleep in class I would flirt with her. Nothing too much cause I see how she get attacked by all the thirsty niggas around here.

I had on my Jordan shorts, flip flops no socks. She had on a wife beater, pink sweat pants from Victoria secrets and thong sandals. She looked me up and down and I looked her up and down! She seen my body art, my abs and all that, yeah ya boy be working out! She was cute as hell in her dorm wear. Both seeing one another in a way we've never seen each other was weird but I invited her in.

I was about to cook dinner, for one of course but I cooked more for her. We have never kicked it before. I was kinda confused, so I asked "Girl u know u don't fuck with me, to what do I owe this visit?" "Boy you know you my boo" and then she laughed.

We chopping it up, and hours are flying by. We eat, clean then clean the kitchen. Now sitting in the living room watching Everybody Hates Chris. She get up to use the bathroom, which is in my room. I got nervous.. I hope it ain't condom wrappers in the trash.. I don't know what made her come to kick it with me and I don't want to ruin my chances of advancing in this "friendship". Maybe she just bored and just wanted to pass the time. POSSIBLY! Maybe she been checking me out and finally wanted to kick it. Yeah the fuck right! That a be the day... She taking for ever to come back out so I go to my room only to find her laying in my bed watching Everybody hates Chris... Do I make a fine ass woman get out of my bed and come back to the living room? UMMM, NOO! I giggle and sit on the edge of the bed. She kicks and signals me to come lay next to her, so I do. Sex has not crossed my mind one time. As we watching tv, we both fall asleep..

Best spring break ever pt. 2

I wake up only to find her not next to me. First I think that she just wanted a cuddle buddy, on some silly shit. I admit, I got mad. Every time I get my hopes up on finding a chick I can just be myself around, they be on some other shit. Just when I get up to take my morning piss, the front door close. I look in the kitchen and pretty eyes had a bag of food, pancake mix, eggs, bacon, and juice. She changed her clothes, she now had her hair wrapped, another wife beater on and some purple pink sweats from Victorias. I smile at her while she on the phone and cooking then take a shower. While I'm washing my body she opens the door and asks me do I like cheese eggs. I say yes and she closes the door. I get out the shower, dry off, get dressed and go to the kitchen. She was just finishing up the breakfast. I feel like I'm dreaming. Only because this is the girl that EVERY guy on campus has tried to get at and she is in here cooking me cheese eggs. Her name is Tiffani. I remember it from facebook. She finally spoke and said "I don't even be busting out my cooking skills for dudes so you better enjoy it. Even if you don't lie to me and say that you do lol!" I nodded as I ate it fast as hell. So we talking and eating and it feels so.. Natural. Like I'm not trying to make her smile or make her feel comfortable. I'm just being me and she seems to be enjoying my company.

She tells me about her family and what brought her to Atlanta for school. She tells me how she been single for about two years and celibate for nine months. I tell her how I been single for three years and celibate for a few days, don't judge me!! She laughs and finally tells me why she came over.

"I notice how you be on your solo shit DizZ. To be honest, when you didn't harass me for my number like everyone else, I started respecting you more. I know what these guys want, they want my goodies! I ain't fucking with these losers like that, I don't need dick. I got a few toys in my room that keeps me satisfied. I peep your crazy ass statuses out and I read your blogs, you different from the rest of these guys. When I seen you was still in your room for break I decided to see what you was about. I honestly thought you was gone prove me wrong by trying me but you didn't try me and that made me like you even more. All the shit I heard about you was completely wrong. I know you like daaaamn, what the hell Tiffany doing here lol. Its all good DizZ, I'm feeling you. Don't fuck it up though, most guys fuck it up. I got faith in you though!"

I'm not even gone lie, I got butterflies after she said all that. I haven't had those in a very long time! I can't stop smiling.. I tell her to move out the way so I can clean the kitchen. She pokes me in my side and tell me don't be rude, asses get kicked for less.

After we clean the kitchen and crack jokes on one another we go to my room. I let her hear my music and she has this puzzled look on her face after a few songs. "Is that you?" I don't know why I get that question all the time. I reply back "yes, why would I lie lol?" She tells me to play them over again.

When I get done letting her hear some of my music, she comes over to my computer and scrolled through my iTunes play list and plays some Isley Brothers. "Lets Dance. I haven't slow danced in a long time. Do you mind?" Who am I to tell her no? I pull her close to me and danced to the longest song ever. I didn't mind though, I mean, it was pretty eyes from English!

She puts her head on my chest and thanks me. Said she hasn't felt this comfortable her entire time here for school, which has been like 2 years. I mean, I didn't feel right saying thank you because I was just doing me. "I wonder how everyone will react seeing us together once spring break is over." When she said that my heart started jumping. Her saying that let me know she wanted this to last longer then a few days. "I don't care what people think girl, haven't you realized that by now." This song was only five minutes but it feels like we have been slow dancing for five hours. We didn't even talk, just danced and vibed out. I admit, I kinda like where this is going.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Best spring break ever pt.3

Its now Saturday and people are starting to come back to the dorms. We have been kicking it real tight for the past couple of days. I kind of forgot the rest of the world existed to be honest. We stay up all night talking and joking and spend all day hitting the city. Atlanta can be a very romantic city, if you know where to go and what to do. I kinda don't want folks to know about us. When people find out, that's when it usually falls apart. I'm not gone lie, I started to develop strong feelings for her.

We chilling in my bed watching tv and she says, "I been looking for a guy like you for a very long time. Literally praying and looking for a guy like you. I guess my prayers BEEN answered since English class." Usually its me telling a female how I like her so much but this time its the other way around. I have had a lot of false alarms with females, A LOT! Something about this though seemed to be real, very real. Thing is, we haven't even kissed yet. I haven't tried to have sex with her or make a move, we just kicking it. Haven't done this, EVER. We not worried about tittles or nothing. Nothing came in the way of us getting to know one another. True its only been a couple days but I like it and I'm a run with it.

I told her my roomates will be back in a hour and don't want them to see her leaving my room as if we just had sex. She agreed and said she needs to go back to her room and greet her roomates as if she been missing them. I walk her to the door and give her a hug. She started to walk out the door then came back and gave me a kiss. This was one of those movie kisses! She grabbed my shirt and pulled me closer, slid tounge in and everything. She was a good fucking kisser!! I swear it went in slow motion and I was enjoying every last bit of it. She stood back and smiled then walked away. My heart was jumping and butterflies was flying all around my gut.. I was confused though on what we was. We never established what direction we was going in. All I know is that she had horrible experiences with guys and I couldn't fuck it up.

I get on facebook to change my status and on the home page it read, "Tiffany P. Just spent the best 4 days of her life with my new boy friend." That let me know exactly what I needed to know. I got me a Ms. DizZy! I change my status to "Just spent the best 4 days of my life with my new girl friend." Of COURSE people are going to be nosey and put two and two together but.. I don't care, hell I just spent the best 4 days of my life with my new girl friend!

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