Saturday, March 28, 2009

Think like a nigga so you wont get played like a bitch? Really?

So I was talking to someone and she said "I think like a nigga so I don't get played like a bitch." That has to be the DUMBEST thing I have ever heard in my damn life! For all the women that think like this, KILL YA SELF!

First, how do men think? You mean to tell me you have evaluated every man in the world and think like us? I know some guys and I be like, "what the fuck were you thinking." Not all men think alike. Also, if you think like a man, you wont get played like a bitch because NO MAN LIKES A WOMAN TO THINK LIKE A MAN, that's GAY! I personally don't want a woman who thinks like a man cause a lot of men don't be thinking about shit. I always looked at women to be smarter then men in every aspect except love. Even the smartest women appear to be the dumbest person in the world when it comes to dealing with men. I don't think you have to think like a man, just think period!

Some women get some good dick and a mediocre conversation and their intelligence flies out the window. They become a whole nother person for the most part. I don't know why that is but I sure wish it wasn't like that. But thinking like a man isn't how you fix that problem. The world would end if all women thought like men. Ugh, that a be horrible. Who ever thought of that quote was dumb as fuck. Why would you stoop down to think like a man to keep from getting hurt? Not saying us men are stupid, not at all, but when you say that that's the impression I get. Women, just be more careful who you talk to and lay with. Just think period, not like man. Peace. -DizZy

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The dumb shit that comes along with.. dating?

You like this girl but she not into you %100 because she like this guy, who in turn doesn’t like her because he like some other girl who don’t like him because she is stuck up under some other guy. It’s like an endless cycle of heartbreaks. No one wants to give their all because they don’t want to be the first person that slips and fall into this dark place often called love. Don’t get me wrong, I’m no love hater but love always seems like a dark and cold place when you’re the first person to fall. Even though you fell in love with a person, you still feel alone, foolish, hopeful and regretful. You two aren’t together but you would like to be. Even though nothing is official, you’re in love. Not knowing what the other person is doing or feeling because no matter what they tell you, you still feel like they are leaving something out or lying. You don’t want to appear to be the fool that falls for the person who doesn’t feel the same way about you. You wish you can control your feelings but you can’t. You find yourself thinking about this person at odd times and making future plans when you don’t even know what the future beholds with that person. It’s like your living in a fantasy world dating this person in your head thinking that the person is going to just wake up one day and say, “I want to be with you.” That’s probably not going to happen but who are you to say fuck it only to talk to someone else and go through the exact same shit? You always seem to find the person who doesn’t want to date, who is living life, or talking to someone else. Fucking sucks.

What are you to do? I mean, if you say fuck it, you will be alone… AGAIN! Stuck questioning yourself like, “what the fuck is wrong with me” when there isn’t really anything wrong with you. You seem to always come across the scum bags. Your pride won’t allow you to settle for less then what you deserve so you pass up all the small fries that try to approach you. Days turn to months, months turn to years then you realize that you are and have been single for what seems like fucking forever! And don’t get me wrong, its folks in relationships who still feel like they are single. The communication died months ago, the sex isn’t as good as it use to be, the future plans you planned seem fuzzy on certain days but you stay in the relationship because you are comfortable. What do I suggest we do about this? Hell, I don’t know. *Shrugs*.. I’m about to sleep on this shit. Peace.. -Dizzy

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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

-Untittled- the confession

I never meant things to end up like this. I mean, I love you. We are a couple.. Maybe we just a couple of kids who was tired of being single and wanted someone there for a change. Maybe we are a couple of kids who are really meant to be. Who knows?? Well I have a confession, I cheated. But let me explain please.

When we first got together I seen a common goal, I seen the big picture. It was me and you and I seen where we was going. We had a common ground. It was soo refreshing to have you by my side and there for me. We use to do everything together. The connection was just better. Then one day the beautiful image I had of us got fuzzy. It’s almost like watching a rose die. I know that the rose use to be a beautiful flower and as it dies, I have the pedals on the floor but the memory of it being beautiful still lives in my head. So when I hinted to you that things were changing, you brushed me off as if I was making it up so my efforts to bring the connection back were going unnoticed because you had it in your head that we were fine.

I kind of feel like once you got me you slowly started to fall back. You got comfortable basically. So when I met “the other woman” she did things that you use to do but stopped. It was honestly nothing at first till we started talking all the time. We laughed at shit me and you use to laugh at. We talked about things you and I use to talk about and it was refreshing. I would never just cheat to sleep with someone, it wasn’t about that. When I meet women in my mind I always see us, what we planned, and the big picture but when I met her and tried to picture us, it was fuzzy. It was unclear. That picture always kept me from doing anything but now that the picture is fuzzy, I have no block.

She and I reminded me so much of us and I couldn’t resist it. It’s like the rose was coming back to life in a way. She kissed me with the same passion you use to kiss me with. She took control just like you use to do when we first made love. When I slid inside her she gasped just like you use to do. She scratched my back and moaned my name just like you did. She sucked my dick and loved it just like you use to do. I tasted her forbidden fruit and she grabbed my head and moaned just like you use to do. After we did what we did I went into the bathroom to get myself together. I looked into the mirror and tried to see the picture of us and I still seen a fuzzy picture. I wanted us back and I couldn’t seem to reach out to you to get you to understand. Is what I did wrong, yeah but do I feel guilty, no. I tried to get back what we had, I attempted to and you were absent. I didn’t “cheat” you did. You got me then fell back and comfortable it seems like, that’s not playing fair. I don’t know if you will forgive me and right now I don’t know if I want you to… Ttyl. Peace.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Thirsty! On the quest for the G!!

I had this friend back when I first started college. He was a cool cat, we just so happen to be from the same place which is weird because I don’t meet a lot of folks from Indiana in Atlanta and here he is, my roommate in college. Everything was cool until we started going out, that’s when I seen the real side of this nigga. And don’t be looking at me weird cause I called him a nigga, HE WAS! Anyway, the dude had to holla at every girl that we seen. Everything he did was for a female. EVERYTHING! And that was a problem for me because I was with him and they probably thought I was just as thirsty as he was but that was definitely not the case. When we got ready to go out, he would get dressed like a woman. Try on a billion shirts and check his self out in the mirror. Rotate his hat on his head to get it jussssst right. One day we was walking around the complex we stayed in and he tried to get at this one female, I admit, she was fine as hell. He spoke to her “Wassup shawty, what’s good with you?” That was definitely not the correct way to approach this one, as soon as he said that she screwed her face up as if he spit in her kool aid. She brushed him off and kept walking, he got mad and yelled out “fuck you den bitch, you aint that fine anyway!” That nigga lying, she was fine as hell. Just at that moment I realized that he was no longer thirsty, this nigga was on the quest for the G!

I got this female friend who appears to be this hard working woman who is sooo caught up in school and work that she can’t have a relationship. Well that’s the impression she gave off when I first met her. I was wrong; she lives for attention from a guy. She goes to the clubs and if a guy shows a hint of interest, she devotes all her time to him and forgets that she came to the club with her home girls as a girls night out. I knew she was thirsty when she started getting dumb about the guys she dated and the things she did. She was just trying to find love too much instead of enjoying things like a normal person. She thought every guy she ran into was prince charming and that was not the case. It’s like, she is the smartest person I know, if not the smartest person I know but when it comes to guys, she is just… Stupid. You would think that a person like her wouldn’t chase guys or be so na├»ve about certain shit because of her brains and from past guys fucking up. But it’s like the person who surfs and gets bit by a shark and instead of surfing in a different spot or being more careful, they heal and go right back to the same exact spot and surf. She in my books is dehydrated and on the quest for the G!!!

I’m sure all of you have a friend or know someone that is just super dehydrated and needs to get on the quest for some G! HAHA! That’s Gatorade for the slow folks. Everything in life shouldn’t revolve around the opposite sex in my opinion. It should revolve around you! Maybe they had some issues growing up, wasn’t getting enough love or something. If that’s the case or not, they still a tad bit thirsty. Try and guide these people. Let them know, especially the thirsty fellahs, you make females not want to come out the house no more!! They walk around with their phone up to their ear as if they are holding a conversation with someone but in actuality they not. They just trying to ignore all the thirsty ass niggas they attracting. Guys grab ass, call names, grab arms, stalk, all types of crazy shit to get a woman’s attention. That’s another note in itself. Everyone do me a favor, STOP BEING SO DAMN THIRSTY!!! I’m gone, peace. -DizZy

Sunday, March 15, 2009

When He Comes Back...

I never knew what girls were talking about when they say that their ex’s always come back. I never had a girl friend to go back to, well there is YOU. So here is my explanation on why I came back.

To be honest, I never went anywhere. When we met, I thought I knew what I wanted and you were that. It’s just that I wasn’t really ready for the commitment. All my previous relationships were whack. Things never worked out how I thought they were but we worked out and I honestly felt like it was too good to be true. So I fumbled and I apologize. It was the perfect situation just the timing was horrible. I was young. I told you that I wasn’t ready for a relationship at the time and I meant that. Here it is I haven’t had a girl in almost 3 years. Since you.. You swore that I was going to be in a relationship before you but that was false because you’re in a relationship and have been for a year.

I never intended to make it seem as if I wanted you to drop everything and be with me. I just told you that when I was ready, I was gone let you know, and I did. I apologize if the timing was bad on my part but I’ve always loved you and still miss the small things about you. Like your smile, the way you say my name, holding your hand and the way you hug me. I wanted that back. It’s not like I was dating a girl and it didn’t work out and I want you back. Umm.. No! I haven’t dated or gotten remotely close to a female since us. I haven’t tried because I kept that promise to you that when I was ready; I was going to come back to you. I came back, and you weren’t able to completely come back to me. It’s cool. No love lost. I just know that the next time I fall, I’ll be sure to make sure I keep it no matter what. I love you, and I apologize for making it hard on you. Wish you and him the best. -DizZy

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

#1 Rule When it comes to dating

The #1 rule in dating is, don’t follow any fucking rules!! There are no rules; there is no dating regiment that was made hundreds of years ago. Everything you think is right about dating came from someone else who tried it and it didn’t work.

The whole females not calling rule or the three day rule. Bullshit. Waiting to have sex with someone, Bullshit. Now don’t raise your eyebrow about that. If you’re going to have sex with someone, ladies especially, if he isn’t interested in having a relationship with you or taking it to the next level but wants to have sex with you, he will fake being interested long enough to have sex with you and then fall back. So actually, waiting to have sex is a dumb idea because you’re only getting more interested in this guy and involving more emotions when he isn’t. If you would have had sex with him the first week and he fell back then at least you spared your emotions. Not saying you should just fuck every guy you meet, oh no! Just saying waiting to have sex doesn’t always end on a good note. The whole asking your girl friend for advice ladies is also the dumbest thing you can do. Unless your girl friend has been married twenty years and have a good dating rap sheet, if she does, then ask away. Chances are she isn’t so you’re taking advice on how to be happy with a guy from a female who doesn’t have a guy to be happy with. The whole rule that the guy has to pay for the dates is just stupid to me. If you want to go out, then go out even if you have to pay for it. When you see how much “dating” cost you realize how much he put out just to make YOU happy. Trust, some guys prefer home cooked meals over going out. It’s cheaper and more intimate. Some guys prefer a Blockbuster night over going to the movies. It’s cheaper and more intimate, and you can TALK and get cozy with the shit.

Guys, you’re not exempt from the rule shit either. Some guys believe that if a female sleeps with you the first night, she is a hoe. Dude, YOU’RE A HOE TOO; you slept with her as well so kill that. Stop with the insecurity, if she doesn’t like you she just don’t like you. If she is going to cheat, she is going to cheat no matter how much you play robo cop. Checking her phone is not cool; kill that parole officer mind state. Talk more; tell a female EXACTLY how you feel even if it’s kind of bad. Communication is important to a lot of females. Stop texting and emailing them when you can call, I fall victim to that some times. Stop thinking that if you get with a female, that you’re going to miss out on the other billion women in the world. News flash, they don’t want you. Yeah you will be missing out on having sex with other women but that aint shit. You can always teach dog new tricks, always. They have enough toys, positions, places to fuck, and lube to make sex great. So if you find a girl who you connect with and wouldn’t mind being with, see how much fun you guys can have by trying some new shit. The other billion women in the world will not put up with your shit so if you find love. KEEP IT! That shit doesn’t come around often.

There are no rules to dating. Just be smart about some things. Don’t be naive and dumb founded at the fact he or she MIGHT be the one. Have fun, dating is supposed to be fun and exciting. Whenever dating becomes about headaches and stress, LEAVE IT. I’m out. -DizZy

When keeping it real goes wrong….

We always think that we want to hear the honest truth from day one. So, for males and females… How does this sound?
Hey how you doing? My name is _______. I’m 21 and a college student. I would like to get your number and text you instead of actually talking, therefore I can text multiple women at the same time and still handle my daily business. I will lie to you and tell you that I’m busy when I’m really not, I just don’t want to show you too much attention just yet because I’m still fucking my ex and talking to another female as well. Matter of fact, we probably won’t ever be together no matter what you do because I am not completely over my ex and I think that if we date, I’ll be missing out on all the other women in the world. If we do start kicking it hard, you probably will get on my nerves and I’ll back off and blame school work and life for me being so distant. Instead of telling you that we will never be together, ill lead you on to think that maybe one day we will so we can continue to have sex. To be completely honest, I’m not attracted to YOU per say, just your beauty. The conversations we have had thus far haven’t been that interesting but I would love to have sex with you. So umm, what do you say?

Hey, how you doing? My name is _________. I’m 22 and a college student. I really don’t want to give you my number because I know you’re going to text me all the damn time talking about nothing. I’m not really interested in you to be honest. I have a guy I’m sort of keeping around for my entertainment and his sex is great so, there are no openings. You’re going to ask me when can we kick it but I’ll lie to you and say that I’m busy when I be at home just watching TV and studying or better yet, fucking the guy I keep around for entertainment. You will text me but it will be times when I don’t respond to you because you’re not talking about shit but I’ll tell you that my phone was fucked up or something. You’ll believe me because you’re stupid and thirsty, just like most guys. If I do come to you and fuck, it will be because my entertainment is getting on my nerves or he is busy and I need to get a nut off. If I spend the night, it’s only because I don’t feel like driving back home. No you can’t come over my house. I don’t want you knowing where I live just in case I drop your ass cold turkey. Don’t want you in my bushes. We probably won’t ever be together because I’m not completely over my ex and I honestly just aint feeling you like that. So yeah, you can have my number if you want. :D

Yup, that’s about right. Peace. -DizZy

Friday, March 6, 2009

Guilty Pleasure...

Me and you met through a close friend of mines. I'm sure you two had plans on getting closer and dating and I was all for that until we started talking. With you and him "dating" it left room for us to just talk with no worries of one another judging. We kicked it and had fun, like friends do. It just seemed like the more and more we talked and kicked it the more and more we became interested in one another. When he fucked up, you came to me and told me how much you hated talking to guys because you was always left hurt. A month of you two talking seemed like 3 months of talking for me and you.

As you two stopped talking, the more and more we began to kick it. Still no sex, still no kissing. Just great conversations and kicking it. So we plan to go to the movies, its not a date, just a movie. We go out to eat, no date, just dinner. You spend the night, no cuddling, you just didn't feel like driving home afterward. So we laying in the bed and were talking and laughing, joking, not caring about a thing. What we have is, in my mind, genuine. I love it. So we go out to eat more often, no dates, just dinner. Go to the movies, no date, just a movie until we go to the park and hold hands. Then, things switched.

We kissed and started being more affectionate. Started going about things as if we were a couple. Were not suppose to be doing this is whats going on in the back of my mind but its been so long that I had something like this and I don't want it to end. It's been so long since Ive had something this real and this exciting. REFRESHING.. But we don't take it there because you feel as if you will be looked at a certain way. You don't want to cross that line because its "wrong". You two talked all of 2 months. Me and you have been kicking it for about a year and crossed the line six months ago. But hey, I'm not here to make you make a choice. Just saying it was fun while it lasted but I can't kick it with you no more without looking at you as my guilty pleasure. I want to be with you, but we can't. Thanks for letting me know that I can feel again, that I can love again. Peace out my guilty pleasure..

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